Looking for a way to decrease PCI DSS scope? Look no further and take a look at these 5 ways organizations can take advantage of!

The scope of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard can sometimes be complicated and large. This is the exact reason why organizations are looking for a solution and possible ways to decrease the scope or eliminate it.

Here are 5 ways organizations can use in order to decrease the size of their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard scope.

  • Consolidation – Determining and eliminating excessive data sets and combining information storage and applications can reduce PCI DSS scope.
  • Centralization – The encrypted data is stocked in an on-site central data depository which is highly secured and protected. The credit card numbers are dismissed with tokens in other databases or applications. Since the credit card information are saved in one central location, the PCI DSS scope is automatically minimized.
  • E2EE or End-to-End Encryption or P2PE or Point-to-Point EncryptionYou will ensure that the credit card numbers are protected and encrypted from the first replacement at the point-of-sale and while the credit card numbers are in transit to the payment processor, it will eliminate almost all PCI DSS requirements.
  • Tokenization The tokens are responsible for storing the credit card numbers in a secure off-site data depository. The credit card numbers are dismissed with tokens in other applications and databases. This simplifies and decreases the scope of PCI DSS at the same time.
  • Outsourcing By outsourcing all or a part of the payment credit card processing abilities to a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant service provider can significantly decrease PCI scope. This is extremely important to organizations that manage e-commerce transactions only.

All of these solutions mentioned above are an efficient way to decrease PCI DSS scope. According to the individual organization’s payment environment, some of these solutions may be not the ideal strategy at the moment. You need to consult with a professional PCI DSS compliance service provider who can help you choose the best solution for your type of business.

The PCI DSS scope decreasing method that works best for almost all merchants and online retailers is a combination of the tokenization and outsourcing technique. Implementing these techniques can make reaching PCI compliance much simpler.